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im_fantasized's Journal

Stephanie ♥
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Things I Love

Loves to read, of course make graphics, ice skating is awesome,
eating is a yes, stare at the sky as I walk,
also close my eyes while I walk and picture myself
walking through a meadow of flowers, watching movies,
daydreaming in class, going to kareoke and singing my heart out,
and well I hope he never sees this. :)
I'm aspiring to be an actress and hopefully everything will work out.
And last but not least, obviously I love to fantasize about everything!

Things I Hate

Ghetto wannabes, bugs (I am officially arachophobic),
I dislike what the channel cartoon network has become..
all these adult cartoons... tsktsk, fake people,
trying to think of something but cant say it and later on it
comes to you, when theres no soda/juice in my house, and well
cant think of any now but will update
when it comes to me.. (thing I hate)

Favorite T.V. Shows

Prison Break<3, One Tree Hill, Charmed<3,
Smallville, LOST<3, House, Will&Grace<3,
Supernatural<3, Americas Next Top Model, & yes I watch
cartoons such as; Fairly Odd Parents & Avatar.

Favorite Movies

A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Harry Potter series,
Saw I&II, Requiem For A Dream, Constantine,
The Phantom Of The Opera, House of Flying Daggers,
Pirates Of the Caribbean, Romeo and Juliet, Anastasia,
War of the Worlds, Brokeback Mountain.

Music I Listen to

Fall Out Boy, Relient K, Daniel&Natasha Bedingfield,
Jason Mraz, Kelly Clarkson, Green Day,
Black Eyes Peas, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance,
The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Maroon 5,
The All-American Rejects, Yellowcard, Madonna,
Nickelback and korean singers such as;
Kim Jong Gook, Guh Mi, SG Wannabe,
M to M, KCM, Fly To The Sky,
Wanted, Vibe, McMong.

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